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Welcome to the Third Institute of Torchwood
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What we're about:

TorchwoodUK is a small, friendly community for people who love Torchwood. We are informal and catch-all, with few regulations and all posts welcome, so long as you love Torchwood. We are hoping that this can be a place for fans to hang out, squee, share the love and hopefully make a lot of new friends in the process. Friending memes, discussion, fic, picspam, introduction posts, RL talk, 50000 word essays on the life of Myfanwy or why Gwen/Weevil is the best; all is love. Come on in and help build a community!


These are very simple.

1. Be nice! This is a comm about making Torchwoody friends. Lively discussion is eagerly anticipated, but remember we are all about uniting under the glorious banner of Torchwood.

2. You gotta love Torchwood. Obviously.

3. Remember that f-lock is your friend!


We are only a baby comm at the moment so we will be updating this as and when.

Q: Does your name mean you are only for UK residents?
A: No! We are about making connections and being fans. All are welcome. We're just UK based with a healthy love for it.

The mods are always happy to hear questions/comments/suggestions, or if you'd like to become an affiliate: just PM angryteabag or anya_elizabeth, or email at:
angryteabag@gmail.com or anya.elizabeth@gmail.com