Miz Laurel (hoppytoad79) wrote in torchwooduk,
Miz Laurel

I FINALLY Finished Watching all of CoE Last Night

Dude. Just...whoa. Tearjerker? Not for me personally but it's not a stretch to see why lots of people needed a tissue box or ten. Do I want to break out my collection of dull, rusty spoons and go use them on Uncle Rusty? Oh, so very, very tempting.

Anyone who reads Torchwood fanfic, expect a surge in the number of Mary Sue, Daughter of Captain Jack fics. If you watched the Declassified, you probably caught Uncle Rusty's remark that Jack has lots and lots of kids out there, and my Mary Sue Advance Warning System went off almost immediately. More red flags than a Soviet airport, to quote a s2 epi of Alias.

On a lighter note, did anyone recognize Mr. Yates? ;p
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